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PRICE: 15.00$



Eclipse Sound -

HYBRID - Another Supplemental bank for Xfer Serum. Designed to fit genres like House, Trance, Ambient and modern DnB - Gentle and lush pads will also find use in Lounge and Ambient jungle tracks.

131 patches (+Bonus ones)

  • 2 Atmo FX

Atmospheric Effects are just like normal Effects - just more subtle and with a sense of dimension and ambience.

  • 22 Pads

Lush and Rich pads, some of them are thick and work great for lower register fill, others work great for atmospheric / ambience purpose.

  • 23 Plucks

Lot of "HYBRID" Plucks are time rich so they are not intended for intense, dense melodies - rather occasional "decoration"

  • 19 Stabs

Very Deep and Timbre rich Stabs will add fresh air to any House track.

  • 13 Neuro/Dnb Bass Patterns

Extermely beefy "HYBRID" Neuro/Dnb Bass patterns are for low end fill purpose.

  • 18 Misc Presets (Hoovers, Wobblers, Synth ect)

Misc presets are thrown into separate Misc category to avoid creating subfolders for few or even one patch.

  • 21 Acid/bass/lead presets.

Organic, gritty and beefy Acid Leads with perfectly balanced distortion/filter tracking proportions.

  • 13 Keys presets.

Lush Keyboard presetes with definition.

Heres what customers have to say:

"Thank you TZ GROUP! This bank is amazing and worth $12.95, the next one Antidode Audio is $57 and sounds not as good as this one."

- Able from pirate webside.

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