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PRICE: 12.00$



Eclipse Sound - Botanica

Introducing the "Botanica: Midnight" sound set for your Zebra 2 soft synthesizer. 

The set includes a wide range of instruments and percussive elements, all crafted to evoke the ethno-tropical mood.


Whether you're looking to add a touch of exotic flavor to your tracks or simply want to explore new sonic possibilities, the Botanica: Midnight sound set is the perfect choice. Ideal for track decorations, indie game scoring, sound design for nature documentaries or other ambient projects.

Details (56 Patchset + 2 Bonus):

Abstract Instants - 11

Arps - 12

Keyboard - 25 (Nearly all can be used as Pads after macro tweak)

Bass - 3

Pads - 7

Most Patches have all Y-X Pads assigned.

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